What Can a New Student Expect?

liz1midWhat the new student can expect :

Every class begins with a formal bow to the spirit and recognition of O Sensei as the founder of Aikido.

The instructor is then recognized with a formal bow. The class is then led in warm up stretches that stimulate the muscles and joints.

After warming up, the instructor demonstrates techniques that are practiced by the students in pairs. During training, breathing and body motions are combined within Aikido techniques in order to understand and practice the efficient use of the body.

Injuries in Aikido are rare because constant attention is paid to the safety of all students; especially beginners.

Each new student is individually trained in the techniques of falling and rolling properly. Beginning students receive special attention from the Chief Instructor and senior students to ensure correct practice and understanding of the basics.

After several weeks, the beginning student is free to practice with all students who possess a variety of skill levels. Class closes by bowing to O Sensei, the instructor, and fellow students in thanks for instruction and mutual respect.